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Coming to you from FitBit company, professionals in developing tech savvy health gadgets, the FitBitflex. This tracker is one of the more affordable models on the market, allowing people to get it without having to dig deep into their pockets. It comes with advantageous specs that make it stand out from the crowd as well as good looks. The combination of both of these features is what make it worth a look into why you might or might not want to buy the FitBit Flex.


The Flex is a tracker that comes in different colors. It is a wrist accessory, so it can be worn on the wrist. The Flex is made of two basic parts that allow functionality: the strap and the sensor. The sensor is the main part that enables tracking mode. It does not include an LED display and is much smaller, enabling a compact design. There are, however, other LED lights, five of them in fact, that indicate the number of steps taken while the device was worn. The user can activate the tracking mode by a double tap on the device.

The wristband itself is quite comfortable, given the lightweight rubber material it is made of. Also, the watch comes in a simplistic yet sophisticated design, featuring different colors and minimal controls. It fastens around the wrist with a simple but safe latch mechanism which feature holes and prong closing mechanism. The user can customize their FitBit flex with the myriad of colors available to choose from. Plus, now that the company has allowed third party designers to get in on the designing frenzy, the number of options is even more expanded.


The FitBit Flex has some cool features that a user can work with. For instance, it sports a sleep tracking mode which allows the device to track sleep patterns. This is made possible by the sensor that is included in the arm band. This feature exists hand in hand with the sensor for walking which tracks and keeps count of steps. The user can choose to turn off these features instead of taking the watch off completely. With such ease of use, you have control over whether the band is tracking you or tracking your sleep or if it is off.

The Flex also includes Bluetooth technology which is a miracle worker in wireless syncing. Instead of removing the Flex from your hands to plug it on to a computer, it will actually automate syncing over bluetooth to the your chosen device. This enables data stored in the Flex to be distributed to your mobile or computer device with ease.

However, some tech reviewers who have checked out and have tried the FitBit flex are still iffy about the device’s accuracy. Especially in step measuring. Though it is not perfectly accurate in counting, it is quite close and future models of the device are likely to be much more accurate due to better technology integration. In the mean time, the Flex is one of the more functional, aesthetically appealing, and affordable models of trackers.

Fitbit Charge Review

The following is a Fitbit Charge review for those individuals who may perhaps be in the dark over what this innovative fitness tracker has to offer. To begin with, this device is a replacement for the recalled Fitbit force. However, it also comes with additional features and functionalities that were not present in the latter. This makes it undoubtedly one of the most all-round fitness trackers that are currently available in the market. The Fitbit Charge comes encapsulated in either a black or slate elastic band that integrates minute sensors. Which effortlessly keep track on the distance you travel, steps you take, the calories you burn and even the floors you climb.


This device offers a delightful blend of the next best thing between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. Which is largely due to its luminous OLED display that provides instantaneous and easy to decipher access to real time fitness statistics. While also conveniently alerting you when you receive an incoming call from any of your contacts. The Fitbit Charge packs plenty of info on its 75” X 375” screen. It even supports a tap gesture functionality that depicts the time and date together with a quick fitness statistic whenever you double tap on this innovative display.

Multi –platform compatibility

This fitness tracker is seamlessly compatible with more than 120 devices devices. It is in a position of wirelessly syncing with iOS , Android and even Windows Phone within a distance of 20 feet. The Fitbit Charge can also work with a PC as it comes with a Bluetooth USB functionality. The whole package includes a mobile app and a web based dashboard. Both of which can convert a single day’s viewable line statistics from the device into colorful graphs. This naturally facilitates for consistent multiple days analysis of like earlier mentioned, distance, calories burned, steps taken and floors climbed. You can also engage in friendly competitions with all your friends who own this fitness tracker to see just how you are fairing on in contrast to them.

Additional features

This Fitbit Charge review would be incomplete without briefly touching on additional features that this device integrates. First of all, it comes with an efficient sleep tracker, which offers convenient and consistent sleep logging . Along with a silent alarm function that features a returning silent alert (vibrating) , which goes off at the precise moment you set on the app’s “silent alarm” menu. The best thing in this is the fact that only you will be awoken if you happen to share a bed with someone that values their sleep. Which completely does away with the need for the annoying alarm clock buzzing.

The Charge also has a call notification feature that is quite simply extremely rare in fitness trackers. All your incoming call will be displayed flashing on its OLED screen, and you can even scroll on it to read the full name of your contact across this diminutive display. Finally, this device has an exceptionally long battery life, and it will remain charged for up to 8 days, regardless of whether you enable the “all day syncing” feature on its app.